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Wishlist 2020/21

Target of £10,000

Each year we consult with Mr Hughes (Head of School) and the teachers to compile a wish list of items that the children would benefit from. After a very slow 18 months of fundraising the wishlist is fairly modest but we would still like to raise £10000 this academic year as school funding is currently at an all time low, everything we raise can be put towards helping the children flourish in school.

Class trips

£200 per class, £1000 for the school. By subsidising trips we can make trips affordable and accessible for each child in the school. After 18 months of no trips these are a wonderful and exciting way to immerse the children in their learning!


£2000 needed for a full overhaul of the school library to ensure it has a diverse range of books, this will help to prepare students to become fully rounded citizens, ready for an increasingly globalised world. Currently the school are still using books from 1973 and there is a stark lack of books from non white authors.

Forest school area

Updating the new forest school area to make the learning experience better for all our children. We may be looking for volunteers to help with 'building' this area, as well as donations of items and cold hard cash to buy things!


£500 needed. The garden allotment is looking wonderful, funds are needed to keep it that way, a brilliant way to get our kids outside learning.

Year 6 leaving  gift

£10 per child (approx)


£105 needed for annual insurance fees

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Sunset in the Woods

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